The Alexa by Amazon – 7 Things It Can Do To Help You Optimize Your Life

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant device, and is also more commonly known as “Alexa”. This revolutionary new AI technology was created by the famous eCommerce company, Amazon, Lab126. The first use of this technology was in the smart speaker known as the Amazon Echo, and also the Amazon Dot. A bit later, the tech was also used in the Amazon Tap speakers as well as the Amazon Studio.

It has been made for use with other smartphones and platforms to enable voice commands to operate other devices. Users can play music from their phone or speak into the system for everyday tasks. This includes setting alarms or reminders as well as more complicated requests such as weather reports. The technology was named after the Ancient Greek prophetess who presides over humanity’s fate.

As legend has it, the Ancient Greek prophetess, Alexa, predicted the outcome of the Trojan war. The ancient Greek prophetess, or seer, who was a powerful force in the world’s first religious institution, is one of the most important figures in history. She began as a priestess and later became head of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. She had influence in the world, as she was consulted by many kings.

Her prediction that Troy would be destroyed by fiery missiles from an unknown enemy has been thought to be a prophecy of the actual fall of Troy over 2,000 years ago. However it is now believed that this first great World War and its impact on Europe was predicted by her acolytes thousands of years earlier.

I digress…

The Amazon Echo

The Amazon Alexa – 7 Benefits of Using This AI Technology

So, what can you do with the Amazon Alexa, and is it worth your investment?

  1. Control and program your smart home devices: Your Echo will interact with other smart home devices, making them do things for you or respond to voice commands. Ask it to turn on the bedroom light, dim the living room lights or lower the thermostat temperature by 10 degrees. You can even ask it to set a timer for your kid’s bedtime using an Alexa skill.
  2. Add smart home devices that work with Alexa: Amazon is constantly adding new devices to its lineup, which means Echo can keep doing more for you. The company recently announced the Amazon Smart Plug, a Wi-Fi connected plug for home automation.
  3. Get instant information: Ask Alexa questions and get answers in just seconds. Check the weather, ask for a joke, hear the news or find out what’s trending online. Is there a traffic jam ahead? Ask Alexa how bad it is, and if the light rail is running on time. Google just announced a new feature that will let you perform certain Google searches by asking Alexa.
  4. Use Skype to make phone calls: Call anyone in your address book or a landline using Skype for free by simply asking your Amazon Echo Plus or other device to connect you with your contacts using your voice.
  5. Get directions: Just ask where you need to go. Alexa can pull up driving directions, give you live traffic updates and even show you the latest news headlines.
  6. Send messages: Use voice commands to send a text message or an email, ask your Echo to phone someone, order something from Amazon or make a purchase using your voice of choice.
  7. Control your living room: This one is fun and easy for kids and adults alike. Alexa can play music, audiobooks or podcasts for you. You can also listen to your favorite radio stations. Use Echo to check out the latest sports scores, set an alarm or even ask the random question of the day.
  8. Shop with Amazon: You can add items to your shopping list just by saying them out loud and tell Alexa to order what you need and have it delivered.
The Amazon Alexa device

What is an Alexa Skill?

By now, you may be wondering what exactly is an Alexa Skill?

An Alexa skill is an app for the Alexa platform. It’s built with a set of APIs which allow it to interact with other devices, applications, services and voice-based search engines.

This is all done using Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), a collection of self-service APIs that allow developers to integrate their apps with Alexa. These APIs are contained in the Amazon Developer Services (ADS) and are accessed over HTTPS.

The Alexa controls

Can You Use Amazon Alexa For Business?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use AI technology to make you more productive at work and get more things done during your work day.

So, should Amazon Alexa also be considered as a work or business software tool?

Amazon Alexa is often referred to as the “voice assistant” that was introduced by Amazon in 2015. It is a personal voice service that will help you to use your voice to search the web, make phone calls, play music, set alarms and timers and much more.

But what if you could use it for your business? There are quite a few functions that can be used directly for business purposes. So let’s take a look at how Amazon Alexa can actually improve your work life and make you more productive on the job.

The ability to listen to music

The audio system of Amazon Alexa is very good. You can use the voice assistant to play music, even if you don’t have an MP3 player or an Apple or Android smartphone. Plus, you can also control the volume while you’re listening to it with the help of your voice and without touching anything.

The ability to set alarms and timers

One of the most important functions of Amazon Alexa is its ability to set alarms and timers. It can help you run your business in a much more organized way since hence you will never be late for meetings or forget about anything else that is important to remember. You can even use it with voice commands like “set my alarm for 6 am tomorrow”, which will make setting an alarm very easy for you.

The ability to call and message people

Calling and messaging other people can be very useful, especially in business. You may want to call a family member, friend or someone else from work. However, there is always the risk that you will forget to do so or that you won’t get around it at the right moment.

With Alexa, you can use voice commands to place calls and send text messages to your contacts without having to press the phone buttons yourself.

The voice assistant also has a nice feature called “quick call” that allows you to place a call in one click if you don’t have the time to pick up your phone when it rings.

So, can Amazon Alexa really improve your work life? We think so. Not only does this technology help you save time, but it’s also very easy to use and can make life easier for you in many ways.

The Alexa Canada App

Some people are not sure if Alexa can be used in Canada. Fortunately, it can with the Alexa Canada app.

So, what is the Alexa Canada app?

The Alexa Canada app is a useful and easy to use, voice-activated app that allows you to do many things with your Amazon Alexa, Echo or Dot device. It’s designed for Canadian customers only, so it can be used in Canada without any additional configuration.

Alexa App Canada Setup

If you want to get the Alexa Canada app then you can get it from the Google Play Store or the Amazon App store.

Using your Alexa device with the Alexa app in Canada is simple. Here are some things you can do with it.

Once you have the app installed all you need to do is connect your device to your WiFi.

Next, you simply need to follow the instructions on the app screen in order to connect with the Alexa server.

Once that is done, from there on it’s just a matter of using your voice. You will be able to do a number of things with it like adding new items to your grocery list or even access detailed information concerning products you have bought. You can also play music and listen to podcasts when you use your app.

The app is free to use and is compatible with both the Alexa device and the Echo line by Amazon.

Windows 10 Alexa App

Since Windows 10 is so popular, many people are asking if there is a Windows 10 app for Alexa.

The good news is yes, there is a Windows 10 App for Alexa. To use it all you need to do is install the Alexa app on your Windows 10 device. Once installed you can easily connect to your Alexa with the help of Cortana.

Note: The Cortana integration with Alexa is only available in Canada, for now.

The Windows 10 app has help articles and tutorials and will help you get started with your Alexa devices using the Windows 10 platform.

Amazon Alexa Pricing

If the Amazon Alexa sounds good to you then you may now be wondering how much it costs.

The Amazon Alexa is actually reasonably priced you can pick one up for about $150 from

I do recommend that you take a look at this page first before purchasing your Amazon Alexa device to see if it is really worth it for your purposes and also to see how much of a discount the offer provides (if any).

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