The sales funnel builder helps businesses to create highly converting sales funnels. In order to trigger up conversions, companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs have been able to use this software through a wide range of online marketing channels.

Websites have also helped the businesses to make their presence known on the internet, and to build out their customer base. However, sales funnels dramatically help to increase the conversion rates and, therefore, increase the profitability of a company.

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What Is a Funnel?

If you’re not exactly sure what a funnel is, then let me break it down for you.

A funnel is a process that is used to convert website visitors into either subscribers or paying customers. The first step in a funnel is the landing page. This page is designed to entice people into either subscribing to your mailing list, to buy a product, or both.

While there are loads of different types of funnels, there are overall, two main purposes, and therefore, categories: a lead-generation funnel, and a sales funnel.

Lead Generation Funnels

As the name suggests, lead gen funnels are designed to collect leads for your business. In most instances, this involves collecting email addresses from people in your target market. However, some lead gen funnels also collect more personal information, including phone number, address, date of birth, etc.

The main purpose of a lead gen funnel is to build a subscriber list. The business owner will then look to build trust and rapport with their mailing list over time, and then sell to them a little later on down the line. When the time is right, the list owner may try to send the subscribers to a special offer on their website, or directly to a sales funnel.

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a bit more advanced than a lead gen funnel.

Just as it sounds, the primary purpose of a sales funnel is to sell a product, or multiple products. Often, a sales funnel will offer a free or very low priced item on the front end, and then try to up sell the customer with a higher priced product after the initial purchase. This second product is known as an up sell.

If the customer refuses the up sell product, then they may be redirected to a down sell page, which attempts to sell the customer an additional product that is cheaper than the up sell product.

Often, sales funnels will also have an order bump on the checkout page. The order bump is akin to the impulse buy offers that you see in most traditional stores. The aim is to offer the customer one last chance to add an additional product to their order at a great price. Therefore, the order bump is usually a low priced product that compliments the initial purchase product. The order bump usually has high perceived value in order to tempt the customer further into going ahead with the additional purchase.

Funnels have been around for years, but have become more sophisticated over time because they allow you to make more money from fewer customers. Most importantly, they still work and are one on of the most effective tools for increasing conversions that an online business owner can use. If your funnel is well optimized then you usually don’t need loads of traffic to make money with them.

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Funnel Building Software Products

If this concept is new to you then by now, you’re probably thinking that all this sounds great, but how can you build an effective sales funnel to use in your own business?

There are a number of software companies that have created landing page builders and tools for building funnels for this exact purpose. Here are some of the leading brands:


ClickFunnels is currently the leading funnel builder on the market. It first launched in 2014, and since that time many thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners have used it to increase their sales and build a highly profitable business.

While ClickFunnels is certainly not the cheapest option on the market, it is a highly popular choice mainly due to its ease of use, pre-designed funnel templates (which are known to convert very well), and the community that the company’s leader, Russell Brunson, has built over the years.

The ClickFunnels software provides you with a simple to use, drag and drop landing page builder, and all the features you will need to create a highly effective funnel.

You will also get access to a huge list of funnel templates that you can use as is, or customize as you like.

A few additional features that the platform offers includes hosting live webinars and building membership sites. If you are on the higher priced plan then you can also use the email autoresponder feature, as well as the BackPack feature, which allows you to create your own affiliate programs and recruit affiliates to sell your products for you.


SamCart is another excellent choice of landing page builder that you can use to create high-converting sales funnels.

While it is similar to ClickFunnels, SamCart specializes in the shopping cart feature. This is because SamCart has a lot of extra features that help you to make more sales with your shopping cart.

Besides the beautiful-looking templates, SamCart users especially like the conversion-optimization features that help you to deal with cart abandonment issues.

SamCart also has all the features that you will need to build a sales funnel that offers your customers a product on the front end with multiple upsells.

While most people seem to use SamCart to sell physical products in either an eCommerce or drop shipping model, there are also many members who have great success using this tool to sell physical products and services.

SamCart is priced more reasonably than ClickFunnels and also has some great training available to its members.


Kartra is a very interesting software product that is similar to ClickFunnels and SamCart, yet also very different.

While it has all the funnel-building capabilities of ClickFunnels, and most of the shopping cart features of SamCart, Kartra also has a number of other apps that are available on all pricing plans.

These additional features offered by Kartra include an email autoresponder, a membership site builder, a CRM tool, video hosting, a calendar feature, an affiliate management dashboard, a landing page builder, and a whole host of templates.

One of the biggest advantages of using Kartra over one of the other tools mentioned above is the video hosting. This is especially useful if you want to build membership sites as part of your marketing setup, and you need to host your own videos. Kartra won’t charge you any extra money to do this. However, if you were using ClickFunnels of SamCart then you would also need to pay for an external video hosting solution like Vimeo to host your videos, and then embed them into your pages and funnels. This is not ideal and can cost you quite a lot of extra money each month.

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